Moving Notice!

16 Aug

After 2 years plus blogging in WordPress, I’ve finally decided to move to blogspot instead. Why? Well, because blogspot layout is customisable to any way I want it to (whereas we need to pay for that in WordPress), and also there are just soooooooooo many nice free templates for blogger around!

I’ve contemplated on many names… But seems like most names that I can think of is already taken in blogspot 😦  But finally I can find a name that’s not taken yet. So… Visit my new blog now for any future updates! 🙂

Here’s the link:



On My Bike

15 Aug

After mastering the art of riding scooter, Vio has now (finally) mastered the art of riding a bike!

Vio riding a bike!

Vio riding a bike!

Out of the blue, Vio suddenly showed interest in learning how to ride a bike. We have given up trying to persuade him to learn riding a bike and let the bike sit at a corner, used only as Vio’s personal shoe rack.. LOL (yup, Vio likes to keep his shoes in the bike’s basket). And one fine day, he wanna learn how to ride it!

At first he can only pedal with his right foot… So it goes like: right foot -> turn back the pedal -> right foot -> etc. But now, he can pedal very well: right foot -> left foot -> right foot.. Yippieeee!

We Are Brother & Sister!

11 Aug
Brother & Sister

Brother & Sister

Good news! It seems like Vio is not so jealous of his sister anymore. No more purposely hitting mei-mei (not that I know of, at least).. LOL.. Maybe he has finally adapt to the additional member in our family? 🙂

Vio loves to kiss and sayang Caitlyn gently. (I always remind him to do it gently, then he’ll be extra careful). Caitlyn also seems to like Vio’s voice. When she heard Vio talking, she’ll stare at the voice direction to look for her koko. I hope they won’t fight a lot when Caitlyn is bigger! 😀



Coupons, Anyone?

8 Aug

Lately it seems like sites selling daily deals of discounted items/services are the trend in Singapore. And many of us (including me!) diligently looking at what the daily deals have to offer. Some deals are really good, I must say.

Recently pi & I bought a 120 minute facial AND full body massage for only $38. Wow, that’s quite a steal! Other merchants offering either facial OR massage at that price! So this is like half the price! We were quite excited to go for the session. So last Thursday, we both took half day leave for the session.

The “spa” was located at Toa Payoh Central… Hmm… Quite suspicious ya… But I’ve been to other spas located in shophouses along Tanjong Pagar, and they’re as professional as those located in the mall.

Reaching the “spa”, we were ushered to a small room (without the usual chit-chatting to know what we want/need). We asked for a couple room, so we got a room with 2 bed inside. But it was very small and no “spa”-like feeling! The lady was from China and very unfriendly. Tsk!

We started with the facial first. The lady doing my treatment kept asking whether I want to upgrade to have diamond peel etc but I kept refusing. And the facial included in the package doesn’t include extraction. Hmmm… it doesn’t really feel like a facial at all, eh? It’s just like someone helping us to wash our face and applying mask.. LOL… Not to mention that the lady was quite rough in washing the face..

And for the massage, I heard the masseur kept asking pi whether wanna upgrade the massage or not… And he (of course) also always answer no.. The massage was very soft… Not like the normal massage we went to at other spas… It feels more like the lady is only applying and rubbing oil in our body.. And the funniest thing… The room was very small so there’s not enough place for them to move around to “massage” us, so they actually kept shifting the bed around! Haha! I almost want to laugh (desperately) when they’re shifting our bed around.. And the therapists was very unprofessional too.. They kept chit-chatting while doing the spa, and even answering their handphone.. Tsk!!

So far this is the worst spa I’ve ever been to… Pi even commented that the place is meant more for uncles & aunties… LOL… Next time when buying a spa deals, must really check where’s the spa located! No more neighborhood spas for us!

Lesson learnt: You get what you pay for.. haha!

A Boy and His Scooter

3 Aug

One fine day, Vio went to the park and saw a bigger boy playing with an orange scooter. He was very interested, and the boy let Vio play with it for a while.

So when reaching home, Vio instantly asked us to buy him an orange scooter!

I was rather skeptical at first.. After all, he’s just a 2.5 years old boy… Isn’t it a bit too young for scooter? But if Vio really likes it, then it’s quite worth buying him one. It can be a new thing for him to play, other than balls!

That very weekend, we brought him to Toys R Us to buy the scooter. (ps: we happened to have Toys R Us voucher, so we got the scooter for free! Yay!)  We bought the orange scooter for Vio, and he loved it sooo much. He plays with it everyday, and as the days went by, he’s getting better and better (read: faster and faster) with it! Wow.. so proud of my little boy… He can play scooter already! Looks just like a big boy!

Me & My Scooter

Me & My Scooter

Caitlyn Month 3: Head Up

28 Jul

At 3 months, Caitlyn can lift her head up high quite stable while on tummy position. The colic is (thankfully) much better as compared to the previous month. And she still likes to “talk”. Looks like she’s gonna be quite a talker! 😀

Head Up!

Head Up!

Oh yeah! We also cut her hair botak this month! Heee… Finally decided to make her botak.. Just to avoid having regrets when she’s bigger :p Initially we tried to cut her hair ourselves.. But then.. it’s a TOTAL DISASTER.. I didn’t even wanna take photo of her then.. LOL… Here botak, there got a bit of hair, the other part got lots of hair etc etc.. After that, we asked for our neighbor’s help to cut Caitlyn’s hair. She’s quite an experienced hairdresser.

Oh! We also visited the PD for Caitlyn’s injections and assessment. Caitlyn is now 60 cm, 6.2 kg.. Wow no wonder she feels heavier nowadays… The PD mentioned that Caitlyn is very proportionate. All her height, weight, and head circumference are on 50th percentile! Kekekeke..

Oh yeah.. Just wanna share a photo that I think quite cute…

Koko Vio & Me

Koko Vio & Me

Jurong Lake Park

19 Jul

It’s the first time we’re bringing Caitlyn to Jurong Lake Park (ahem.. these are from few weeks back)! It was for trying out first actually. Before we bring her to somewhere further (like shopping malls), we want to try bringing her to somewhere nearby where we can walk home. So scared she suddenly cry loudly in public places!

Surprisingly, she (almost) didn’t cry! She was quite happy there. There’s a short while she cried, but it wasn’t long, so it’s quite ok.

Happy Princess

Happy Princess

Vio, was of course, happy to play in the park. Especially we happened to meet his friends: Ben & Nathan! Such a coincidence! So Vio was busy playing with sand and slides with them.

I Love This Swing

I Love This SwingSand PlaySlides.. Here We Come!


And here’s our family photo!

Family Photo

Family Photo

Well, since Caitlyn didn’t cry much, next time we’ll bring her somewhere further! =)