Opa & Oma Visit!

3 Jun
Family Photo

Family Photo

Few days since I last update this blog, and it’s bcoz my parents came for a visit! Last Sunday, pi and I brought Vio to the airport to fetch my parents, my brother, and Marcell. Vio was so happy to see many new ppl that he keeps smiling 🙂

First day we went to orhard then Sentosa and all of us ride on luge. My parents are quite happy they laugh while riding it. A new experience for them! After that we took the skyride, and also desperado. Desperado is a new attraction where we’re supposed to shoot the bandits usign laser gun. It wasn’t so nice as they repeat the scene bcoz it was too short! But it was a fun time. They highlighted the person who didn’t shoot any target successfully, and got 1 time my dad was highlighted! haha.. after that we watched Song of the Sea.. they quite like it 🙂

Happily Riding Luge

Happily Riding Luge



2nd day was shopping day! we went to Bugis and shop a lot there.. my bro bought this nice shoe, and I wanted to buy 1 for pi too, since I think he’ll love it. But then my bro say he’ll pay for it to be a gift for pi.. thanks so much!

3rd day… we went to haw par villa. we took a double deck bus and marcell was soooo happy. It’s his first time riding a bus! Haw par villa is apparently much nicer than what I imagined it would be.. we took LOTS of photos there. When it comes to lunch time… there’s only 1 stall selling food there.. and guess  what’s the only thing in the menu? INSTANT NOODLES! i wanna laugh out loud when I read the menu.. hehee.. but anyway the noodles are not bad :p 

after that, we went home and my parents, bro, and marcell are preparing to go to genting + kl. how i wish i can join them :p


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