22 Jun

I’m spending the whole weekend with Vio! Esp since nai2 and daddy are accompanying relatives to Sentosa the whole of Satuday. Have to say that it’s actually quite tiring. Esp since Vio gets bored of something really fast, and I have to keep thinking of ways to “entertain” him. Otherwise he can get all fussy.. hehee.. Look at this photo I took over the weekend with his new hat (a pass down from Koko Marcell):

My New Hat

My New Hat

Doesn’t he look soooooo adorable! Here’s 1 more photos from the same series.. hehehe.. all looks so cute!

Another shoot

Another shoot

Ain’t he looks so cute?? Feel like pinching his cheek.. *oops*

And actually I discovered that Vio has started to “understand” things.. Normally every morning, after he had his night feeds, or at certain timing, we’ll put him on our bed, between pi and me. Then he’ll normally sleep there until morning.. Last night, after his night feed, pi put him back to his cot. Not long after, he started squealing. And apparently he was looking at me with his hands holding the side cot bars, as if trying to say “why am i here? i’m supposed to sleep with mommy and daddy”. When I put him on our bed, he instantly fell asleep on his own! Amazing thing how baby so small can understand things.. =)


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