A Visit from Natalie Jie-jie

6 Jul

Vio has a new friend! Auntie Lie Yung, Uncle Roy, and Natalie Jie-jie was visiting on weekend. Natalie was a very cute, pretty, but shy baby. She instantly cried when a stranger carried her! At first she was also scared at Vio, but after a while, she can smile at him already! Look at how cute they looked together

I want the ball too!

I want the ball too!

Lately we’re trying to put Vio in standing position, even though he doesnt really want to do that. He keeps making movements as if he wanted to sit, not stand!

Learning to Stand

Learning to Stand

He’s actually wearing his “new” red shoe, but too bad can’t see it from this pic.. kekkekeke..

And a happy news is coming: for the last 5 nights, Vio can “survive” without any milk feed for 8 hours! How good is that!  If we tried to give him milk before 8 hours, he’ll actually refuse it.. :p kekekek.. but I’m still not getting my undisturbed sleep.. coz he’ll cry in the middle of the night but when we carry him, he’ll go back to sleep..

Sleeping Style

Is that pillow on my buttock??

Oops.. yeah that’s how his usual sleeping style is! We can’t stop wondering how he can turn 180 degrees while sleeping! His buttock will sit on his pillow.. isn’t that cuteeeeeeee? And he’s always “rotating” in our bed too, by giving daddy his feet (i.e. kicking daddy) and turning his head towards mommy side.. kekekekek…


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