Happy Birthday to Me ^.^

10 Sep

Kekekek… Turning 27 this year! How time flies.. I feel like I’m still 25? Kekeekeke…

Had a fun meeting Yenn, Hazel, Xinhui, and Cyn at Marche last night. The food was greaaaaaaaaat and the company was fun.. I love their Today’s special crepes with pineapple cream and strawberry, topped with tiramisu ice cream.. Sinful but so yummy!

Crepes... Yummy! 

   And for the main course, as usual, I’d go for their Rosti:

Rosti with Chicken Cheese Sausage 

 The part where we’re taking photo of Hazel’s cute expression was fun! I love her look here.. so cute! *pinch pinch*

Noo.. Don't take my photo! 
And here’s the “attendee” (except Cynthia who came late!)
Hazel & Yenn

Hazel & Yenn

Xinhui & Me

Xinhui & Me

And now.. I’m gonna enjoy myself for a spa.. heee.. it’s been much more than 1 year since I last go to a spa! Woah.. now is the time to go!


Latest update! I went to Inahamani for aroma therapy facial.. The place was not bad! There are quite a lot of indians there.. Hmmm… actually I’ve just realized that I seldom see non-chinese in other spa! Anyway… when I told them that I already booked for apptment at 2:30 pm, they don’t seem to have my name there. They don’t even know which promo I’m going for, and asked for the voucher! I said I only saw it in the internet, and it never ask me to print the voucher.. but anyway, finally they let me in.

The facial was ok.. Surprisingly there’s no “extraction”. So at the end of the spa, I still feel not as “clean” as usual. And after they finish their marketing (and I insisted in saying no, as usual), they want to send me to the door and say “see you again” but I got confused coz I’m supposed to pay $30 for it, so I was just standing near the cashier. Argh!! I should’ve just replied “bye” back.. lol.. And they still ask me how much I need to pay.. So actually.. I can save my $30! Coz they thought I got a complimentary facial! But anyway… now is tooooo late.. 😀

After the spa.. I went to TCC Cafe near PS to have my sinful treat: tiramisu! It was reaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyy yummyyyy… I was sitting outdoor, as indoor was very noisy. I want to enjoy my tiramisu in a tranquil moments.. lol..

Oh yeah.. this photo is taken on my bday, before going to work.. kekekek..

Happy Family

Happy Family


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