A new…

16 Sep


… handphone!! Yup yup.. I got a new handphone last night! Kekekeke.. seems like I got lots of new gadget this week hor?

Side View

Side View

To tell you the truth.. I don’t really know much about this handphone.. I just like how it looks like.. heheheee… and I haven’t played much with it, so no review to be given (yet).

Last night pi and I went to JP to recontract our MIO plan. Yeah as you might have known, we need it rather urgently.. as there’s no internet connection at home now! And internet is just a basic necessity nowadays.. lol.. The queue was quite loooong.. but luckily we’re given an “X” queue.. which I supposed means express.. so the wait was not too long.. And the Singtel guy was saying that the earliest apptment to install the new modem would be.. 24 Sept! Woah that’s still rather long.. 1 more week without internet! So we protested and say that we don’t have a modem at home (because our current one spoiled, and Singtel was saying not replacing it unless we recontract), and now we need to wait (and pay) for 1 more week without using the service at all! Lucky the guy was quite nice.. He finally gave a free 1 month waiver for the mio plan! heheeee.. so in the end pi & i was quite happy and don’t mind waiting for 1 week. lol.. but 1 thing that upset us.. the queue for paying was so LONG.. walao.. wanna pay also need to queue for that long -_-

Ahh… and today lunch time I went to Robinsons to play Spin the Wheel for cardmember’s birthday month. Same as last year, I’m aiming for the Shop for Free.. But last year I got $10 John Little voucher with $60 min purchase, which is useless as it can’t be used with any other discounts. And this year I got.. a spa voucher.. haiz… so disappointed.. Esp coz I just got another spa voucher from comex and that one is much more interesting compared to this one….


One Response to “A new…”

  1. a0z0ra 17 September 2009 at 3:10 AM #

    Too cute!! *dies

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