7 years

22 Sep

Today marks the 7th years since pi & I started dating.. wow.. how fast time flies! 7 years does sound very long, don’t you think? 😉

We had a long weekend this time.. bcoz of the Hari Raya.. and speaking of Hari Raya, surprisingly, 1 of my malay neighbour actually gave us (homemade, i think) cookies! So many types! And all are very nice… well, last year they didn’t give any.. this year they give is coz of my MIL sometimes talk to their mum.. hehehee.. and so, we also bought a tin of bengawan solo cookies to return their favour.

And also, seems like we have a never-ending relative visiting session! Wie2 is now visiting until end of Sept, and suddenly, another pi’s relative, Ko Amu & his wife also called to say that they’re in sg! Woah.. so many relatives lately.. So this week, we postponed our plan to bring Vio to church again (for dunno how many weeks liao..) Hopefully we can bring him to church next week!

So while pi, Wie2, and my MIL was accompanying them to shop around Bugis, mommy was busy snapping photos of Vio in daddy’s new hat! kekekeke..

Stylo Baby

Stylo Baby

Naughty Face
Naughty Face
Now tell me.. don’t you think he look so adorable and cuteee?
Vio also love to dance during the weekend.. esp when daddy is singing “ducky duck” to him.. And he also crawl faster! Even though it’s still not correct, because he’s dragging his right leg… His legs look more like sitting position compared to crawling position.. lol..
This is my crawling style..

This is my crawling style..

And sadly… it’s very very difficult lately to get him to sleeeep!!! Esp at night! Now he don’t like to be carried in craddle position.. He likes to be in upright position.. but in that position, his head always pop up, put down on my shoulder.. then pop up again.. *sigh* i hope we can settle in a new sleeping routine soon… on Friday night, vio even slept at 10:30 pm! wow! that’s 2 hours spent on making him sleep..
Ah.. we also brought Vio to Marina Square on Sunday, to accompany pi buying crocs.. finally he bought 1! Hopefully it’s very comfortable.. I was also tempted to buy 1.. but the one that I want has no disc, so maybe next time lor.. ^.^   Afterwards we went to Suntec and bring Vio to Toys R Us.. It’s his first visit there… hehehee.. He was so happy to see many many many toys.. and got angry when we took things that he was playing with away from him..


And while at Toys R Us.. it was Vio’s feeding time.. so we gave him milk.. and… he POO.. aiyo.. bad bad bad habit.. he loooooooves to poo while eating/drinking milk since he’s little baby.. haiz… so it was my first experience to change him in public places! Luckily there’s a baby room there..
@ Suntec

@ Suntec


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