First time called “Mama”!

27 Sep

It’s been a busy busy weekend for Savio 😉   As Nai2 & Kuku Wie2 was going to Genting for a short holiday, pi & I took turn to take care of Vio, pi was taking on Thurs, while I was taking on Fri. Hmm.. so I finally started to teach Vio how to read, using Glenn Doman method! Today is the 5th day, and so far he has been a very attentive “student”.. kekekekeke.. and I have also finished doing the math dots card! Finally.. phew.. that was a lot of effort.. But gonna wait for a while before I start flashing that one..

Oh yeah back to Vio.. one full whole day with Vio and I didn’t take any photo! Woah, that’s amazing.. and that’s coz… his photos this month is already reaching 500!! WAHAHA.. coz got new camera mah.. so I loveee to use it..

On Saturday morning, pi & I brought Vio to Chinese Garden to see the lanterns, via Jurong Lake park. Hm.. actually the photos look nicer than the real thing.. kekekeke.. wonders of a camera 😉 Oh ya.. sadly.. this year there’s no lantern festival!! Sob sob.. wanted to bring Vio there to see the lanterns.. I started to regret not going to last year’s Hello Kitty one… I saw some photos from the internet and it looks really cute actually.. But it’s 1 year too late.. lol..

A walk in Jurong lake park

A walk in Jurong lake park


Here’s when we reach the Chinese Garden:


@ Chinese Garden

@ Chinese Garden


And I just love Vio’s face here:

Oh oh I almost got it!

Oh oh I almost got it!

 The weather was starting to get hot by the time it’s 10+ am.. So we went home, and Vio was asleep on the way home.. Then in the evening, we brought him to NTUC to buy some ingredients for cooking fried noodles for pi’s mom, as that day was her bday.. and then we went home to cook for her! She’s quite pleased (and very starved) by the time she reach home from Genting.

On Sunday morning, we brought Vio to church for the first time. Heee… we had wanted to bring him there long long ago, but there’s always something on.. so the plan was postponed for many many times.. After that, uncle Hendri, auntie Ira, and Celestine was coming for a visit..

Visit from Celestine

Visit from Celestine

Vio was quite afraid of Uncle Hendri at first, but after some time, he wants to play with him liao.. A scary thing is.. Vio keep wanting to grab Celestine’s clothes/diapers.. eeekks! so scary! Considering Celestine was still so “fragile”.. Luckily nothing happened..

Well, hmm.. something happened actually.. When I was preparing Vio’s meal (cereal with pumpkin), suddenly I heard a loud cry from outside.. When I reached the living room, Vio’s face was all red, and he screams (and cry) “mamamamamamama“. Apparently he almost fall down the sofa! So scaryyy!!!! Pi said his head & body was already down, so he was upside down, but luckily his head haven’t touch the floor yet.. Phew.. But it’s a blessing in disguise.. It was his first time saying “mamama”! So happy! And so happen that on that same day, he was also calling “nananana” for the first time, which we interpret as “nai-nai”.. so nai2 was also very happy!

That day, we’re also doing online application passport for Vio, and the requirements is a photo of Vio with white background and clear facial feature. Now that’s a tough one! We took countless photos of Vio that day, but it was soooo difficult as he was so active and he keeps moving! Finally there’s 1 that hopefully can fulfill all the requirements..

Vio's 1st passport photo

Vio's 1st passport photo

Now that I look at the photo again, the background seems like gray hor? I hope they’re not so fussy and can accept this photo.. otherwise we might need to bring Vio to take photo in a photo box.. woah I think it’ll be tough..

We also ate snowskin mooncake from Kia Hiang.. it was so yummy!! There were durian, blueberry cheese, green tea, and chocolate.

yummy yummy..

yummy yummy..

On the same day, we also brought Vio for dinner at Jurong Point Subway (together with Wie2 and Martha). Vio was of course not eating. Lol.. Wie2 wanted to try Subway very very very much and she’s going home in 2 days time..

That day, Vio was quite a trouble-sleeper.. He wanted to keep playing during afternoon nap time.. He refused to sleep! Until he got very tired and fall asleep in his high chair during eating cereal time.. Isn’t that cute??

At night, Vio was also quite difficult to be made to sleep. He kept turning his body, go to sitting position, and Wham! throw his back hard on the bed, and giggled. Then I put him to sleeping position again, and he’ll repeat his action for countless times (I’m sure it’s more than 20 times). Sigh.. he can even do it with his eyes half closed! Until finally.. he fall asleep when he throw his back to the bed.. lol.. Ah well, isn’t it a busy weekend for him? 😉


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