The Active Baby

5 Oct

Vio is getting very active nowadays. He don’t like to be carried that much, he prefers to crawl or walk. He loves to crawl around the house very much! And he’d love to touch on everything that he sees. He also loves to throw things around purposely, sometimes it can be really irritating, esp when we’re feeding him and he keep throwing his toys and curve his body such that his head can stare below to the dropped toys for a long time until we pick the toys. Woah so scared that his high chair will trip over!

On Sat morning, we brought Vio to ICA to collect his first passport.. Amazing hor.. even a baby can have a passport! The passport photo we submitted was successful.. yay! Otherwise I dunno how will Vio sit quietly in the photo booth to take passport photo.. lol..

On Sunday, I just remembered that I’ve wanted to re-open the Fisher Price playgym for Vio to play (for quite sometime liao, but I keep forgetting!). It can be converted to a tunnel for Vio to crawl in.. well, on Sunday I finally remembered to do it..

My new "home"

My new "home"


At first Vio was hesitating to go in. He was more interested in the pics outside the “tunnel”.. Ah well, finally we can persuade him to come in and… it was too small for him liao! ARrrrgghh… His head can drag the whole “tunnel” with him.. hahaha.. I should’ve opened it earlier.. But anyway Vio was quite excited with his new tunnel..

I wanna go to my tunnel

I wanna go to my tunnel


Oh see how cute he is… When we brought the tunnel to yeye’s room, he followed the tunnel by crawling… lol..


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