Reminiscing The Good Old Times..

11 Dec

Sometime ago, my bestfriend during Junior High School (waving to Yeniffer) mentioned about the diary we wrote together during junior high school time.. Then I was like.. “huh?? diary?? we got write diary together?” OMG yeah that’s how bad my memory is.. I can’t actually remember having a diary together that time! -_- Isn’t that so sad?

Well, I remember having a diary together with my Senior High School friend, Anna, which (the diary) is now gone with the wind.. as in.. dunno where it is liao… Even though I reaaaaaalllyyyy want to read it again.. It must feel really funny now if we read our old diary again, don’t you agree? ūüėȬ† And I also remember that our high school teacher forfeit 1 of our diary.. OH NO! It was so¬†full of “gossips” of our teachers! Until now I still wonder whether the diary goes around in the teachers office or not… I certainly hope not! But well, of course now we’ve graduated from Senior High School so it doesn’t matter anymore.. haha..

Oh yeah… back to the diary with Yeniffer, today she passed me our old diary.. yayyy.. I was soooo happy!! When I first open the book, I see an unfamiliar handwriting and I ask whose handwriting is that.. and she said it was mine!!! Wow… I don’t recall my handwriting ever look like that… hehe..

And reading the first 2 pages.. I wanted to laugh out loud.. haha… The topics written inside is just…. so… “unimportant” haha.. of course they were important for us at that time, but while reading it again now, it just feels so funny to imagine how we actually felt excited/sad coz of those things that time. And we’re also using many broken english to write in our diary… When I see the English I used there… I feel so paiseh… So many errors!! Well… the positive side is… that means my english have¬†improved a lot now.. (I hope)¬†kekekeke…

Can’t wait to go home to read the rest of the book….


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