Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

8 Feb

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is Asia’s first children garden, .. and I’ve never even heard of it until last Friday! LOL.. Dena mentioned it while we were having lunch together. I was quite excited to hear about it, and we decided to go together on Sunday afternoon, about 4:30pm.

.. but it was drizzling on Sunday afternoon. Thank God the rain finally stops, and we finally reach the garden (which entrance happen to be inside NUS Bukit Timah) about 5:30pm, and.. Vio was asleep!

When he finally wake up, he was still shy shy to see few new faces. And he just loves to use his “Koala” style, where he securely tied his legs to my waist, so to prevent me from putting him down. Tsk tsk tsk.. so small and yet so smart!

Oh well, after sometime, finally he wants to walk walk around to see the garden.

Walk with Daddy

Walk with Daddy

The garden was not bad.. there was a mini waterfall, that Vio was quite amazed of. The maze wasn’t that fantastic, actually. The treetop (with the slides) was quite interesting, but I didn’t take it, coz Vio was just awake when we go thru that area. There was many plants in the garden, and also sand play. And the part that Vio loves the most is.. the water play!

Water Play

Water Play

He was soooooo excited to see the water fountain, and he laughed so happily while playing it. Hmm.. we didn’t really prepare for it, as we don’t bring any towel, or his swim suit. So, he played only with his diapers on, and.. not long after, he started to shiver.. yeah the water was cold! And it was windy too. So we stop him from playing after that. Well, of course he disagree! He still want to play the water fountain.. But of course we didn’t let him to play again. Next time when we bring his swim suit, he might be able to play longer ^^

After that, we wanted to go for dinner. But apparently, the foodcourt was at the other side of Botanical Garden (which was apparently really very far away). Somemore halfway thru, Vio refused to sit in his stroller again, so we must carry him 😦  We were so envious to see Iggy sitting happily still on his stroller.

Oh oh.. finally after a looooooooooooong walk, we reached the hawker. Luckily some food stalls are still opened! After having our dinner, we went home….

—- THE END —-


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