Something to look forward to ^^

30 Apr

Well, I’ve always get excited when planning on itinerary, how to go there, what’s there to see, etc.. And now.. it’s 8 more days to go to Europe!! Hehehee.. I’m soo excited and sooo can’t wait 🙂

So happy that I finally get a chance to be sent there.. Must thank my team lead who specifically asked the PM whether I need to go there for the project deployment too or not. I hope there’s no problem with the visa.. It took more than 10 working days to process Germany visa application for Indonesian passport holder.. And I also hope that there’s no change again to the deployment date, or else my visa will need to be reapplied again..

Somewhere last week, I muster the courage to ask the PM whether I can extend for 2 days or not (the return flight was scheduled to be on Fri night, so I want to change it to Sunday night instead), and she said can!! Oh I’m so happy.. Ahem, actually most ideal case is if I can take 1 week leave, then pi & I can tour round Europe together.. But I can’t take long leave during this period.. Because the sytem will just go live by then, so we all need to be on standby..

So I decided to go on my own for 2 days… Hmm.. Modal nekat aja deh :p

Initially I wanted to go Paris, because 1 of my friend stays there, and I really wanna go there. But…. just so happen that during that weekend, she’ll be going somewhere else for holiday.. And I thought, since it was only 2 days travel anyway, and Paris is quite far, I might as well just travel around Germany. Not to waste anytime on the way, lor..

So.. I’ve booked hotels for my 2 days extension. I’ll be staying 1 night in Cologne, and 1 night in Frankfurt (because it’s where the airport is). The hotels I booked is considered quite cheap range.. LOL… Well I’ll be only sleeping for a while, not going to stay in the room for long. So I chose the hotels that I surely can see once get down from train station (so that I won’t get lost), and cheap, and also with breakfast! Hehehee.. so far the hotel that I’ve booked is Hotel Domspatz in Cologne, and Hotel Excelsior in Frankfurt.

Out of this 2 cities, I’m more excited about Cologne! It’s one of the oldest city in Germany, and houses lots of beautiful old churches and many old Roman type buildings. The cathedral there is also verrryy hugeeee and grand, it takes 600 years to finish building it.. Wow, can’t wait to see it! (and btw, the hotel I booked is very near to the cathedral) haha.. Oh yeah, Cologne also have Chocolate museum that’s located in a bridge on top of Rhein river… Hm, no, I don’t think I’ll go in the museum, but I wanna go to the cafeeee! They have a cafe that serves cakes and various types of chocolate drinks.. and we can sit in the cafe, while enjoying the view in Rhine river.. woooooo.. I so can’t wait!!


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