B’day & Mooncake Celebration

13 Sep

We had a long weekend, and it just coincides with my birthday!

Nothing really special, actually. We just went out to eat at the restaurant of my choice. Well, I chose Tony Roma’s, coz I want to eat that very yummy pork ribs one more time! I tried their pork ribs quite sometime ago.. Actually it was my first time eating pork ribs, and OMG they’re soooo yummy! Until now I still remembered how nice it was! I tried pork ribs at few other restaurants, but nothing can beat Tony Roma’s, at least as far as I can remember.

So we went to the branch in Suntec, and seated by the koi pond. It was quite a nice view..

Browsing thru the menu

Browsing thru the menu

Mommy & Vio

Mommy & Vio

We ordered the original baby back pork ribs, salad, and potato skin. Actually I had high expectations on the potato skin (the description sounds so nice, and many people ordering them). It was quite nice, but I think a bit overcooked, so it tastes a little bit bitter.

Original Baby Back Pork Rib

Original Baby Back Pork Rib

The first bite to the pork rib, it was…….. okay.. Wow I was quite surprised. Where was that explosive nice feeling I had last time? The pork rib was nice but wasn’t as fantastic as the one in my memory. Pi even commented that he thinks the ones served in Billy Bombers was nicer.. In the end, we conclude that maybe for pork rib, the first place where we ever tried the dish, we’d think that it’s the nicest one. For pi, he tried pork rib the first time at Billy Bombers, so in his memory, Billy Bombers have the nicest pork ribs so far. So.. maybe our conclusion is right? Hmmm…

As for Vio, he was all excited to see the dish came with CORN… He started making a noise: “Yumi… Yumi (chinese word for corn).. corn.. corn..” and of course, we gave it to him, and in the end he ate the whole 2 corns all by himself.

I just can't have enough of corn!!

I just can't have enough of corn!!

During the weekend, we also had our mooncake! Actually this year I only bought 2 pieces from Kia Hiang restaurant, as they’re selling per piece, rather than per box. I’ve wanted to buy Raffles Hotel’s one, but sadly they’re only selling per box. Don’t think that we can finish 8 pcs of mooncake all by ourselves!



I bought blueberry cheesecake and durian flavour. As usual, Vio was excited to see me bringing home a new food. He thought it was something like fruit… So when he see me bring it home, he say “wash.. wash.. eat… sit down..“. He asked us to wash it, then eat together. He even sat down nicely waiting for the mooncake to be given to him! Tsk tsk tsk.. Amazing how he can just know that there’s a nice food to eat.

Oh so, we cut the mooncake during the weekend, and yes it’s yummy! Vio love it so much that he asked for somemore (too bad there’s no more).. and he was happily licking the box to get the remaining left-over.

Somemore mooncake?

Somemore mooncake?


2 Responses to “B’day & Mooncake Celebration”

  1. w 13 September 2010 at 3:41 PM #

    wah na.. musti ke tempat g… babi panggang dimana2..hahhaa…

    missed to eat the moon cake..

    vio serius bisa makan jagung nya? cucu kalah dong..hehehe… he…kangen… ntar pulang tidur sama hippo n cucu yah…T_T

  2. nicholas 15 September 2010 at 5:29 PM #

    happy belated bday!
    I guess this time round the ribs didn’t taste as good ‘cos your expectation was higher than your first try 🙂

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