First Kick!

4 Nov

Last night, I felt the first kick!

I just got a feeling that the baby was moving, so I put my hand on the tummy, and true enough, not long after, there was a soft kick from the baby! Feel so happy 🙂

Actually 2-3 weeks back, there was the same feeling but feel much stronger. It certainly feel that the baby was kicking hard, but then, for that time, by right the baby kick shouldn’t be felt yet. So until now I don’t know whether that time was really baby kicking, or it’s just my imagination? Hmmm…. Or maybe.. the baby was busily somersaulting inside.. Haha..

Oh.. unlike the previous pregnancy, I’m having back-ache for 1 week+ now. Actually it’s more of right-buttock-pain. It’s ok if I just sit down and do nothing. But if I move or walk around, then can feel the pain. Maybe I sprained a muscle or something. Hope that it will go away very soon… Coz I start to feel old: have to walk slowly and do things slow so that the pain is not too bad.. 😦


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