Toddlers & Hair Cut

18 Nov

I guess most parents of toddlers will know that toddlers and hair cut just don’t go well together.

Vio hates hair cut. No.. I think that’s an understatement. Let me emphasize: Vio hates hair cut. Ah.. That looks more like it 😀

For his first haircut, we brought him to a hair salon in Taman Jurong, and unexpectedly, there was no problem at all! He didn’t seem to know what the auntie was doing to him. The 2nd time round, we brought him to yet another salon in Taman Jurong. At first he was ok, then after few mins he started to realize something, and cried. The third time round, he cried sooooo loudly, and it was difficult to keep him still for the haircut.

After that, Vio’s hair has always been cut by a neighbor, in the comfort of our own home (or in the neighbor’s home), with many many toys to entertain him, but yet of course he’s still crying. Though I think not as bad as before. He’s just afraid to hear a “machine” coming near to his head. If it’s only scissors (hence no machine), then it wasn’t so bad.. 

Then sometimes back.. At Philips’ staff sales, they have some units of Kids Hair Clipper to go at very low price! The retail price was supposed to be more than $100, but at that time, it was going at $35 only! So, on impulse (and thinking of the long benefit it has in the future to come), me and some other colleagues that also have toddlers, bought it. Somemore the box say it’s ultra-silent, and designed for Moms. That’s just what we need, isn’t it? 😉

So… we decided to try it out during the weekend! The set was quite complete, really. Other than the hair-cutting machine, it also has scissors and comb in it, complete with the brush to clean the unit, and the hair length setting, not forgetting VCD with real children getting haircut using the tool (with happy faces, I must emphasize) AND it even includes robes for hair cut! Very thoughtful indeed..

So first things first.. we made Vio sit on his chair, facing the TV..

Ready for My Haircut

Ready for My Haircut

Then we announced that he’ll watch videos of koko getting hair-cut, and he would have his hair cut that day too, just like koko! (Though he didn’t seem to understand it.. he just knew that he’s going to watch something).

And so the video was on… and the machine was on (with 3 mm setting)…. and…. yeah yeah you’re right.. He’s scared with the sound.. He kept looking at the machine to ensure it doesn’t get any nearer to him. Though I must admit, the sound wasn’t so bad. I mean it’s not as loud as normal haircut machine…

Luckily daddy was brave enough to quickly snip Vio’s hair and 1 of the back part, and………. whoooooooopsssss!!!! Apparently 3mm setting is tooo short for Vio.. he looked botak at one part of the back hair now! *sigh*  So we adjusted the setting to 6mm.. and continue the hair cut with much struggling from Vio..

Stop it, please!

Stop it, please!

One-third of the hair cut done, and the video was changed to Barney show (which is Vio’s fave show at the moment). He still struggled here and there, but after sometimes he just sit there quietly, though sometimes still trying to move his head away from the machine. But in the end, we managed to cut off (well, almost all) of his hair!

Crime Scene Photos

Crime Scene Photos

And would you like to see the new Vio? Here he is… tadaaaaaaa

New Hairstyle

New Hairstyle

Back View

Back View

It wasn’t too bad, was it? (At least for the first try…) Actually we feel quite proud of ourselves to be able to cut Vio’s hair all by ourselves! Haha.. Though not as nice as going to the salon.. But then we’re not having high hopes on this.. And neither is Vio 😀

Btw, can you see the botak part in Vio’s back hair? I hope it’ll get to be covered up soon..

Vio was so happy with his new hair (after the hair-cutting episode was over, and he already bathed) and kept smiling while looking in the mirror.. Hehe.. And.. Daddy & Mommy’s smiling too, feeling proud of our accomplishment of the day 😀


One Response to “Toddlers & Hair Cut”

  1. w 18 November 2010 at 8:47 PM #

    hahhaa.. jadi mirip murid g na…yg have to struggle..for more than 5 hours..though he himself ask to have a hair cut..hahahaha

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