Caitlyn’s First Hair Cut

14 Jun

This is a belated post..

When caitlyn was 39 days old, she had her first hair cut! We didn’t plan to shave all her hair until all botak, but what we had in mind was to cut it very short until almost botak.

Nai2’s friend was helping us to cut the hair. But she insisted that it’snicer if wejust cut a little bit so it will grow nice when it’slonger.. Hmmm.. So in the end, only a bit of her hair was cut. She didn’t really look like she has cut herhair.. Lol..

I guess we’ll cut herhair short ourselves when she’s no longer so crybaby :p


Oh yeah, she did cry a little bit when her hair was being cut..


One Response to “Caitlyn’s First Hair Cut”

  1. W 14 June 2011 at 2:27 PM #

    Kecian..trsiksa sangat..jgn lg d..mending kaya vio kmrn..tunggu kuku yah..

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