Yao Lan

11 Jul

What I can say now is…. Blessed are those who invented Yao Lan!

Caitlyn in Yao Lan

Caitlyn in Yao Lan

Yeah we now have yao lan at our home… Caitlyn has now used 2 “dangerously”-addictive things that Vio never used before: pacifier and yao lan. Well… I guess we don’t have any other option, as she really is very cranky and always cry a lot.

I’ll highly recommend yao lan for those having babies that wanna be carried all the time while sleeping. If your baby is sleeping soundly while being carried, and cries the moment she touches the bed, then yao lan is the answer to your suffering.. Gone are the days where I can only sit down and watch movies during day time, unable to do anything else coz Caitlyn wanna be carried all the time.. lol… Now I can do more things during the day! Such as playing with Vio, taking afternoon nap while Caitlyn is sleeping in the yao lan.. 😀

Oh… Caitlyn has got her first sickness ever.. It’s diarrhoea that lasts for 2 weeks! Sigh.. poor poor baby…. Luckily now the diarrhoea (finally!) is getting better! She and Vio also caught a slight fever on the same day… Last Saturday… It was a very hectic day with 2 kids being cranky and having slight fever.. :p Luckily it was only 1 day and they recover the day after 😀


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