A Boy and His Scooter

3 Aug

One fine day, Vio went to the park and saw a bigger boy playing with an orange scooter. He was very interested, and the boy let Vio play with it for a while.

So when reaching home, Vio instantly asked us to buy him an orange scooter!

I was rather skeptical at first.. After all, he’s just a 2.5 years old boy… Isn’t it a bit too young for scooter? But if Vio really likes it, then it’s quite worth buying him one. It can be a new thing for him to play, other than balls!

That very weekend, we brought him to Toys R Us to buy the scooter. (ps: we happened to have Toys R Us voucher, so we got the scooter for free! Yay!)  We bought the orange scooter for Vio, and he loved it sooo much. He plays with it everyday, and as the days went by, he’s getting better and better (read: faster and faster) with it! Wow.. so proud of my little boy… He can play scooter already! Looks just like a big boy!

Me & My Scooter

Me & My Scooter


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