Coupons, Anyone?

8 Aug

Lately it seems like sites selling daily deals of discounted items/services are the trend in Singapore. And many of us (including me!) diligently looking at what the daily deals have to offer. Some deals are really good, I must say.

Recently pi & I bought a 120 minute facial AND full body massage for only $38. Wow, that’s quite a steal! Other merchants offering either facial OR massage at that price! So this is like half the price! We were quite excited to go for the session. So last Thursday, we both took half day leave for the session.

The “spa” was located at Toa Payoh Central… Hmm… Quite suspicious ya… But I’ve been to other spas located in shophouses along Tanjong Pagar, and they’re as professional as those located in the mall.

Reaching the “spa”, we were ushered to a small room (without the usual chit-chatting to know what we want/need). We asked for a couple room, so we got a room with 2 bed inside. But it was very small and no “spa”-like feeling! The lady was from China and very unfriendly. Tsk!

We started with the facial first. The lady doing my treatment kept asking whether I want to upgrade to have diamond peel etc but I kept refusing. And the facial included in the package doesn’t include extraction. Hmmm… it doesn’t really feel like a facial at all, eh? It’s just like someone helping us to wash our face and applying mask.. LOL… Not to mention that the lady was quite rough in washing the face..

And for the massage, I heard the masseur kept asking pi whether wanna upgrade the massage or not… And he (of course) also always answer no.. The massage was very soft… Not like the normal massage we went to at other spas… It feels more like the lady is only applying and rubbing oil in our body.. And the funniest thing… The room was very small so there’s not enough place for them to move around to “massage” us, so they actually kept shifting the bed around! Haha! I almost want to laugh (desperately) when they’re shifting our bed around.. And the therapists was very unprofessional too.. They kept chit-chatting while doing the spa, and even answering their handphone.. Tsk!!

So far this is the worst spa I’ve ever been to… Pi even commented that the place is meant more for uncles & aunties… LOL… Next time when buying a spa deals, must really check where’s the spa located! No more neighborhood spas for us!

Lesson learnt: You get what you pay for.. haha!


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