About Us

Pi & Na

Pi & Na

It all begin when Pi & Na tied the knot on November 2007. It was a beaauuutiful wedding.

 And sooner than expected, 13 months later, a baby boy named Savio was born to this world.. exactly on Daddy Pi’s 27th Birthday!

Hello, world!

Hello, world!

We’re now a happy little family which live in the little red dot in the map, called Singapore.

At the moment, the member of our family is Daddy Pi, Mommy Na, and of course, the star of the family: Baby Savio! Hmm.. no longer a baby actually.. He’s a happy toddler now 😀

Each day is a special day, and every little things will be big memories. And with our forgetfulness nature and limited brain cells, these moments will fade away in time. Now that’s what we hope it’ll not happen! … Which is why this blog was created in the first place.

When years have gone by, and as we re-read the posts in this blog all over again, we hope we can re-live those beautiful memories for just one more time 🙂

Happy Family

Happy Family


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