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Coupons, Anyone?

8 Aug

Lately it seems like sites selling daily deals of discounted items/services are the trend in Singapore. And many of us (including me!) diligently looking at what the daily deals have to offer. Some deals are really good, I must say.

Recently pi & I bought a 120 minute facial AND full body massage for only $38. Wow, that’s quite a steal! Other merchants offering either facial OR massage at that price! So this is like half the price! We were quite excited to go for the session. So last Thursday, we both took half day leave for the session.

The “spa” was located at Toa Payoh Central… Hmm… Quite suspicious ya… But I’ve been to other spas located in shophouses along Tanjong Pagar, and they’re as professional as those located in the mall.

Reaching the “spa”, we were ushered to a small room (without the usual chit-chatting to know what we want/need). We asked for a couple room, so we got a room with 2 bed inside. But it was very small and no “spa”-like feeling! The lady was from China and very unfriendly. Tsk!

We started with the facial first. The lady doing my treatment kept asking whether I want to upgrade to have diamond peel etc but I kept refusing. And the facial included in the package doesn’t include extraction. Hmmm… it doesn’t really feel like a facial at all, eh? It’s just like someone helping us to wash our face and applying mask.. LOL… Not to mention that the lady was quite rough in washing the face..

And for the massage, I heard the masseur kept asking pi whether wanna upgrade the massage or not… And he (of course) also always answer no.. The massage was very soft… Not like the normal massage we went to at other spas… It feels more like the lady is only applying and rubbing oil in our body.. And the funniest thing… The room was very small so there’s not enough place for them to move around to “massage” us, so they actually kept shifting the bed around! Haha! I almost want to laugh (desperately) when they’re shifting our bed around.. And the therapists was very unprofessional too.. They kept chit-chatting while doing the spa, and even answering their handphone.. Tsk!!

So far this is the worst spa I’ve ever been to… Pi even commented that the place is meant more for uncles & aunties… LOL… Next time when buying a spa deals, must really check where’s the spa located! No more neighborhood spas for us!

Lesson learnt: You get what you pay for.. haha!


Mini Cards

28 Feb

I’m just soooo in the mood of making cards right now. Last week, it was mini cards! Here are some mini cards done.. Aren’t they just so cuteee? 🙂

Owl mini cards

Owl mini cards

Turtle mini cards

Turtle mini cards

You can check them out here!

A Dream Came True

22 Dec

I’m practically in cloud nine now.

I just got my dream machine! I have been eyeing this machine for much more than a year now. It’s a digital cutting machine. Basically it can cut any template/picture you have in your computer. It can even cut fonts already installed in your computer. Imagine! I can cut as many letters as I want to in whatever sizes, without worrying some letters are gonna finish soon! And better still.. It can work together with a printer, to print design using normal printer, and after that cut it using this digital cutter. How cool is that!

Silhouette SD

Silhouette SD

Upon hearing there’s 1 shop in SG selling at 25% off this month and with some freebies, I was so happy! Too bad it was only for members… But since I was quite active in this scrapbooking forum, surely some of them are members in that shop. True enough, someone nice from the forum (that I never met before) was more than willing to help me get it. So we went down together yesterday and get the machine. That lady is just so nice 🙂

And my review about this product so far? Once I’m home, I can’t wait to install the software and this machine. Luckily Vio was asleep, so I got time to play around with it. And… it was aweeeeeeeeeesssssoooooomeeeee… I love it! Cutting and making boxes are such a breeze. I also tried cutting intricate design small christmas trees, and the cutting was just perfect! All I can say now is that I’m in love.. Hahaa 😀

Green Tea Macchiato

2 Dec

Today at lunch time, we went to join the queue at Koi Cafe, a famous bubble tea chain from Taiwan. I was so sure I want to order Oolong Tea, right until I’m standing in front of the cashier.

I saw they have big banner of their new drink launching: Green Tea Macchiato and Black Tea Macchiato. Wow, the name surely sound nice, and so does the picture! Without much thinking, I decided to give it a try. I always wonder what does “Macchiato” means anyway..

Apparently the tea comes without bubble, and I’m not supposed to mix them up or drink it with a straw. They provided me with something to cut open the lid, and then I’m supposed to drink from the cup directly.

First taste… CREAM.. wow I’m drinking pure cream! After sometime, I can start to taste the green tea (which was nice). But mixture of green tea and cream? Hmmm.. I don’t really think they go along well together.

Well then, I suppose next visit to Koi Cafe, it’ll be the good old Oolong Tea/Milk Tea again 😉

B’day & Mooncake Celebration

13 Sep

We had a long weekend, and it just coincides with my birthday!

Nothing really special, actually. We just went out to eat at the restaurant of my choice. Well, I chose Tony Roma’s, coz I want to eat that very yummy pork ribs one more time! I tried their pork ribs quite sometime ago.. Actually it was my first time eating pork ribs, and OMG they’re soooo yummy! Until now I still remembered how nice it was! I tried pork ribs at few other restaurants, but nothing can beat Tony Roma’s, at least as far as I can remember.

So we went to the branch in Suntec, and seated by the koi pond. It was quite a nice view..

Browsing thru the menu

Browsing thru the menu

Mommy & Vio

Mommy & Vio

We ordered the original baby back pork ribs, salad, and potato skin. Actually I had high expectations on the potato skin (the description sounds so nice, and many people ordering them). It was quite nice, but I think a bit overcooked, so it tastes a little bit bitter.

Original Baby Back Pork Rib

Original Baby Back Pork Rib

The first bite to the pork rib, it was…….. okay.. Wow I was quite surprised. Where was that explosive nice feeling I had last time? The pork rib was nice but wasn’t as fantastic as the one in my memory. Pi even commented that he thinks the ones served in Billy Bombers was nicer.. In the end, we conclude that maybe for pork rib, the first place where we ever tried the dish, we’d think that it’s the nicest one. For pi, he tried pork rib the first time at Billy Bombers, so in his memory, Billy Bombers have the nicest pork ribs so far. So.. maybe our conclusion is right? Hmmm…

As for Vio, he was all excited to see the dish came with CORN… He started making a noise: “Yumi… Yumi (chinese word for corn).. corn.. corn..” and of course, we gave it to him, and in the end he ate the whole 2 corns all by himself.

I just can't have enough of corn!!

I just can't have enough of corn!!

During the weekend, we also had our mooncake! Actually this year I only bought 2 pieces from Kia Hiang restaurant, as they’re selling per piece, rather than per box. I’ve wanted to buy Raffles Hotel’s one, but sadly they’re only selling per box. Don’t think that we can finish 8 pcs of mooncake all by ourselves!



I bought blueberry cheesecake and durian flavour. As usual, Vio was excited to see me bringing home a new food. He thought it was something like fruit… So when he see me bring it home, he say “wash.. wash.. eat… sit down..“. He asked us to wash it, then eat together. He even sat down nicely waiting for the mooncake to be given to him! Tsk tsk tsk.. Amazing how he can just know that there’s a nice food to eat.

Oh so, we cut the mooncake during the weekend, and yes it’s yummy! Vio love it so much that he asked for somemore (too bad there’s no more).. and he was happily licking the box to get the remaining left-over.

Somemore mooncake?

Somemore mooncake?

Something so obvious..

2 Jun

Have you ever felt that you’re so certain of something, but upon finding out that it’s actually not, you think that “ya hor.. how can I think of it like that in the first place?

When I was in Duisburg, I bought this cute chocolate, quite big-sized, and shaped like a bee, with the cover is bee picture. Even complete with the eyes and little feets.. It’s soooo cute! Actually I bought it as souvenirs, but who knows, once Vio touched it, he immediately scratched it until the a bit of bee picture cover came off.. oooooohh 😦  Can’t give as souvenirs liao, and of course can’t let Vio eat it, so I decided to eat it myself :p

All the while, I kept thinking: wow.. the chocolate is so big.. how to eat… I thought that inside is all chocolate, as in there’s no air inside.. who knows, apparently inside is air! The chocolate is only at the bee shape, and nothing inside it.. LOL… Now I think: how can I, at the first place, assume that the whole bee is made of chocolate (without air inside)? :p

Oh, and yes, the chocolate is delicious!


26 May

Free things is always nice…
Ice cream is always yummy..
The two combined together?? Marvellous!!

Today is Gelare SG’s Facebook Fan day. All FB fan will get a free scoop of Gelare ice cream.. wow.. something not to be missed, eh? 😉

The nearest Gelare outlet from my office is at Orchard Central.. Ok it’s not that close actually, it’s pretty far.. But then, lunch time at Orchard is always refreshing.. Somehow felt like we went out for window shopping (not like a working day!) and returning back to office feeling refreshed :p

So we decided to have our lunch at Food Republic in 313 Somerset. We tried Bibimbap from Korean food stall. Wow it was nice! My friend said it tasted the same as the one sold in Korea itself.. hohoho.. quite happy to find a stall selling nice (and spicy) Bibimbap..

After lunch, it was already… 1 pm! Oh no… time to go back office 😦  But since we planned to go to Gelare at Orchard Central, we quickly went there. I was hoping that there’s no queue.. Though so unlikely.. Come on.. free things in Singapore? People here so kiasu for free stuff.. so there must be a very very long queue..

.. but surprisingly.. for the first time ever, I saw there’s no queue at all in Gelare.. Where’s everybody?? Hahaha.. but that’s kinda good. We can get our free scoop of ice cream. The flavour given out in this outlet is “white chocolate with raspberry truffle“.. Ohhhh.. yummy… yeah yeah yeah it’s as yummy as it sounds!

So.. whoever not yet claiming your Gelare free scoop, don’t forget to go down to one of its outlet today! 😉