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Moving Notice!

16 Aug

After 2 years plus blogging in WordPress, I’ve finally decided to move to blogspot instead. Why? Well, because blogspot layout is customisable to any way I want it to (whereas we need to pay for that in WordPress), and also there are just soooooooooo many nice free templates for blogger around!

I’ve contemplated on many names… But seems like most names that I can think of is already taken in blogspot 😦  But finally I can find a name that’s not taken yet. So… Visit my new blog now for any future updates! 🙂

Here’s the link:



New Valentine Cards

13 Jan

Just an announcement: new Valentine’s Day cards have been uploaded! Be sure to check them out at!

Here’s a preview..









New Face for the Blog!

20 Aug

Woah-hooo.. New “face” for the blog is finally done, and it’s sooner than expected..

I tumbled across this new “service” available in the internet, called TypeKit. Apparently we can now use nice nice fonts in our web/blogs if we subscribe for their service! (even though the client browser doesn’t have this nice font installed locally) Yay! No more needs to convert the nice fonts to an image to display it in our website.. hohohoo… It’s a very good service, I’d say. And somemore, there’s a free trial option too. Though limited, it’s worth the try 🙂

So tell me, what do you think of the blog’s new face? 😉

Work in Progress

19 Aug

We’re in the midst of giving “new look” to the blog. So please bear with us! There will be changes coming soon (hopefully, soon..) hahahaa…

In the meanwhile, here’s Vio saying hellooooo to everybody with his big big grin!

Hello there!

Hello there!

Christmas Holidays!

24 Dec

We’ll be away to Jakarta for our year-end holidays! We’ll be back on 5th Jan 2010 for somemore updates!

This little santa here wants to wish everyone a ..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Little Santa

Little Santa

Important Announcement!

4 Dec

OK.. Uhm uhm.. I have an important announcement to make…. For all who don’t know yet… I’m opening a small online scrapbook shop!! That explains why lately I’m rather slow with my own scrapbooks and also blog-updating.. I got a new “baby” to take care of 😉

After thinking for a loooooong time, finally I decided to give it a name Aimee Creation. “Aimee” is from a French word which means Beloved. Why I choose this name? Well, because all of the products are made with love! This shop provides premade scrapbook layouts and handmade cards for various occassions, and also custom scrapbook layouts according to your requirements.

Just for a sneak preview, here’s some of the layouts I did for Aimee Creation:


Feel free to visit the shop at