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We Are Brother & Sister!

11 Aug
Brother & Sister

Brother & Sister

Good news! It seems like Vio is not so jealous of his sister anymore. No more purposely hitting mei-mei (not that I know of, at least).. LOL.. Maybe he has finally adapt to the additional member in our family? 🙂

Vio loves to kiss and sayang Caitlyn gently. (I always remind him to do it gently, then he’ll be extra careful). Caitlyn also seems to like Vio’s voice. When she heard Vio talking, she’ll stare at the voice direction to look for her koko. I hope they won’t fight a lot when Caitlyn is bigger! 😀




Caitlyn Month 3: Head Up

28 Jul

At 3 months, Caitlyn can lift her head up high quite stable while on tummy position. The colic is (thankfully) much better as compared to the previous month. And she still likes to “talk”. Looks like she’s gonna be quite a talker! 😀

Head Up!

Head Up!

Oh yeah! We also cut her hair botak this month! Heee… Finally decided to make her botak.. Just to avoid having regrets when she’s bigger :p Initially we tried to cut her hair ourselves.. But then.. it’s a TOTAL DISASTER.. I didn’t even wanna take photo of her then.. LOL… Here botak, there got a bit of hair, the other part got lots of hair etc etc.. After that, we asked for our neighbor’s help to cut Caitlyn’s hair. She’s quite an experienced hairdresser.

Oh! We also visited the PD for Caitlyn’s injections and assessment. Caitlyn is now 60 cm, 6.2 kg.. Wow no wonder she feels heavier nowadays… The PD mentioned that Caitlyn is very proportionate. All her height, weight, and head circumference are on 50th percentile! Kekekeke..

Oh yeah.. Just wanna share a photo that I think quite cute…

Koko Vio & Me

Koko Vio & Me

Jurong Lake Park

19 Jul

It’s the first time we’re bringing Caitlyn to Jurong Lake Park (ahem.. these are from few weeks back)! It was for trying out first actually. Before we bring her to somewhere further (like shopping malls), we want to try bringing her to somewhere nearby where we can walk home. So scared she suddenly cry loudly in public places!

Surprisingly, she (almost) didn’t cry! She was quite happy there. There’s a short while she cried, but it wasn’t long, so it’s quite ok.

Happy Princess

Happy Princess

Vio, was of course, happy to play in the park. Especially we happened to meet his friends: Ben & Nathan! Such a coincidence! So Vio was busy playing with sand and slides with them.

I Love This Swing

I Love This SwingSand PlaySlides.. Here We Come!


And here’s our family photo!

Family Photo

Family Photo

Well, since Caitlyn didn’t cry much, next time we’ll bring her somewhere further! =)

Yao Lan

11 Jul

What I can say now is…. Blessed are those who invented Yao Lan!

Caitlyn in Yao Lan

Caitlyn in Yao Lan

Yeah we now have yao lan at our home… Caitlyn has now used 2 “dangerously”-addictive things that Vio never used before: pacifier and yao lan. Well… I guess we don’t have any other option, as she really is very cranky and always cry a lot.

I’ll highly recommend yao lan for those having babies that wanna be carried all the time while sleeping. If your baby is sleeping soundly while being carried, and cries the moment she touches the bed, then yao lan is the answer to your suffering.. Gone are the days where I can only sit down and watch movies during day time, unable to do anything else coz Caitlyn wanna be carried all the time.. lol… Now I can do more things during the day! Such as playing with Vio, taking afternoon nap while Caitlyn is sleeping in the yao lan.. 😀

Oh… Caitlyn has got her first sickness ever.. It’s diarrhoea that lasts for 2 weeks! Sigh.. poor poor baby…. Luckily now the diarrhoea (finally!) is getting better! She and Vio also caught a slight fever on the same day… Last Saturday… It was a very hectic day with 2 kids being cranky and having slight fever.. :p Luckily it was only 1 day and they recover the day after 😀

Caitlyn 2 Month: Chatter

30 Jun

At 2 months old, Caitlyn likes to make very cute baby sound: goo goo…. ga gaaaa…. it’s sooo cute… And we can see that she’s much more of a chatter than her big brother… Ah well, she’s a girl after all.. lol…

Caitlyn 2 month
Caitlyn 2 month

Don’t you think she looks so cute? She’s definitely getting chubbier 😉

Oh, here’s a photo of mommy and vio with Caitlyn. Lately Vio likes to make ugly faces, I think he learns it from his friends at school 😦  You can see that he purposely make his eyes to look all white 😦
mommy. vio, and caitlyn

mommy. vio, and caitlyn


Tummy Time

24 Jun

Haven’t got much chance to write a blog lately. I just wanna show off a photo that I think kinda cute


Haha don’t you think it’s cute??

Caitlyn’s First Hair Cut

14 Jun

This is a belated post..

When caitlyn was 39 days old, she had her first hair cut! We didn’t plan to shave all her hair until all botak, but what we had in mind was to cut it very short until almost botak.

Nai2’s friend was helping us to cut the hair. But she insisted that it’snicer if wejust cut a little bit so it will grow nice when it’slonger.. Hmmm.. So in the end, only a bit of her hair was cut. She didn’t really look like she has cut herhair.. Lol..

I guess we’ll cut herhair short ourselves when she’s no longer so crybaby :p


Oh yeah, she did cry a little bit when her hair was being cut..