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Full Term!

6 Apr

The waiting game has now begun. The baby can officially decide to come out anytime now =)

I got pi to take side photo of me… Wah it seems like my tummy is not big at all ya… Even my colleagues who’s due more than 1 month after me, have bigger tummy 😦  I wonder why… Though I’ve eaten lots of “junk” food that I like (such as cakes, cheese, and other fattening things), but it seems like my tummy is not growing that much.. In the last scan, the baby weighs 2.7kg. I hope by the time she’s born, she’ll weigh closer to 3kg!

@ 37 Weeks

@ 37 Weeks

Unlike the previous pregnancy, this time round I have quite bad pain in my upper thigh whenever I move or walk 😦  So even going from bedroom to living room is a chore for me. Not to mention going to work, which is very far faaaaaaarrr away and require lots of walking.

So today, I asked my boss whether I can start my maternity leave from tomorrow (2 working days earlier than planned).. then after further discussion, he suggested why not I work from home and start the maternity leave only after I deliver? (He knows that I got no much things to do now, I only need to test something this coming Monday and maybe helps to answer colleague’s queries and that’s about it). He actually said that he didn’t care what I do at home, as long as I’m contactable (to answer the colleague’s queries) and do the testing on Monday, then considered as working liao.. wow.. Isn’t he so NICE?? Feel so touched to have a boss that’s so thoughtful.. 🙂

So.. yayyy.. tomorrow onwards I don’t need to drag my legs to office liao… 😀


Pregnancy: Week 33

8 Mar

Wow it’s now a bi-weekly visit! Can’t believe the baby’s coming in about 1 months time! Hm.. and yet there are many things not ready yet… LOL..

Our appointment was at 9:55am on a Saturday morning. But we didn’t manage to get a taxi for verrrryy long time. By the time we get one, it was already 9:55am.. Dotz…. So in the end, we’re about half an hour late. Apparently that caused our turn to be put behind any people who come on time for their appointment. So they get to be seen first even though we came earlier than them.. Sob sob… In the end, we waited for about 2 hours… waaaa.. 2 hours! Haiz..

Week 33

Week 33

The baby now weighs 2.178 kg.. As usual, the gynae mentioned all are good.. The picture of week 31 is much clearer. In this week 33 ultrasound, the baby looked like she has very thick lips. I certainly hope not! :p

The original plan was to go Far East Plaza after seeing gynae, coz I want to redeem the BigDeal coupon that I purchased sometime back. Do you know about BigDeal? Everyday they have different deals at very good prices. Sometimes it’s really interesting! Few days back, I purchased fill-all-you-can cup of yoghurt for S$3.50 only! Wow… That’s really cheap.. I remember the last time I go for that kind of yoghurt, a not so big serving already cost me more than S$5!

Anyway… We’ve almost cancelled our plan… But luckily, in the end we still went to Far East Plaza to have lunch and yoghurt as our dessert! I filled the cup with lots of yoghurt and toppings. And I took quite some strawberry slices and mochi coz Vio likes them very much. And in the end, the cup weighs about 330gr+. And the normal price: S$0.33 for 10 gr. That means… my yoghurt should’ve cost more than S$10! Wow…. I hope the shopkeeper wasn’t upset with me for taking so much for only S$3.50 hehheeheee… 😀

The yoghurt was nicee… Vio loved it a lot too. If next time there’s a deal like this again, I’ll certainly buy it again! 😉

Pregnancy: Week 31

22 Feb

It’s time for a check-up again! Everything went smoothly, and thankfully, my placenta has finally went “up”. Sooo.. hopefully can go by normal delivery… 😀

Week 31

Week 31

Can you see the face???

I was soooo happy we can clearly see the face in the ultrasound.. kekekekee… The baby was sleeping.. Can see the eyes, nose, and mouth.. And we also saw glimpses of her hair! Waa so cutee.. Can’t wait to see the real one! 😀

Week 26 – Small Bump?

17 Jan

Well, everybody’s been commenting how small my bump looks for someone who’s 6 months pregnant.. So I’m kinda feeling a bit low-esteem.. And also kinda “scared” that I don’t gain enough… So at times I’ll actually “force” myself to eat something, though I’m not really hungry, and maybe it can make my bump looks a bit bigger? Haha..

For this pregnancy, I don’t really fancy eating. Nothing seems to be interesting for me to eat.. (Unlike last time, when everything seems so good to eat). Now I eat just because I have to eat, not because I want to eat..

Anyway… I just went for a check-up, and apparently I’m gaining enough! Even the gynae said it’s more than enough. And the baby’s now weighing a little bit more than 1 kg.. Wow that’s fast…. The gynae commented that if the baby keeps growing this fast, she might be born bigger than Vio.. oops.. Ah, on the positive side, that shows that bump size is not important, isn’t it? 😀 As long as the baby’s growing healthy and steadily..

Week 26

Week 26

Hm… Not sure if you can catch a glimpse of the baby in the ultrasound pic above?? (Hint: it’s in the top left, and showing one of the eyes, nose, and mouth). It’s actually not as nice as the pic I saw on the day itself. We saw the baby’s sleeping, with mouth a little bit opened. And the way she opened the mouth, it’s just like Vio while sleeping! So cuteee.. Maybe they’ll have the same mouth shape? Heheheee…

3 more months to go! (Wow, that’s kinda soon… And I haven’t really bought anything for her! Should start shopping soon..)

Week 20 – And.. it’s a…

6 Dec

It’s been confirmed! The baby is a ….. GIRL!!

It's A Girl!

It's A Girl!

Oh I was so happy to see it 🙂 Now I can start buying girlie stuff… cute PINK clothes and accessories… cute socks.. hohoho… Can hardly wait to start looking at them! 😀

On the other side, I have forgotten how long we would need to wait for the detail scan (since this is 20th week, we’re having detailed scan to see whether the baby’s organs are developing normally). I even got quite worried that we won’t have time to catch Barney’s show in United Square at 1 pm! (since it was already close to 12pm and it still wasn’t our turn). Luckily, everything goes smoothly and we still have time to catch Barney’s show (but that’ll be in another post), though it means that our lunch time will come after the show.. Hehee..

Anyway, the results are all good for the detail scan.. Yay… the baby seems to be developing normally 😀

I’m also having relatively high energy lately, as compared to the 1st trimester, even more when compared to the 3rd trimester that’s coming soon! And good news is that I have no more buttock pain. Probably that’s because I’ve stopped carrying Vio at all. Except in very urgent cases, and that’ll be at most few minutes each time.. 😀

First Kick!

4 Nov

Last night, I felt the first kick!

I just got a feeling that the baby was moving, so I put my hand on the tummy, and true enough, not long after, there was a soft kick from the baby! Feel so happy 🙂

Actually 2-3 weeks back, there was the same feeling but feel much stronger. It certainly feel that the baby was kicking hard, but then, for that time, by right the baby kick shouldn’t be felt yet. So until now I don’t know whether that time was really baby kicking, or it’s just my imagination? Hmmm…. Or maybe.. the baby was busily somersaulting inside.. Haha..

Oh.. unlike the previous pregnancy, I’m having back-ache for 1 week+ now. Actually it’s more of right-buttock-pain. It’s ok if I just sit down and do nothing. But if I move or walk around, then can feel the pain. Maybe I sprained a muscle or something. Hope that it will go away very soon… Coz I start to feel old: have to walk slowly and do things slow so that the pain is not too bad.. 😦

Chinese Astrology Gender Prediction

1 Nov

Do you think that Chinese Astrology Gender Prediction is accurate?

2 days before I met with my gynae, I tried to do the gender prediction from internet (just for fun). Mostly are based from the Chinese Astrology which is believed to be 99% accurate, and it’s based on mother’s lunar age, and the lunar month of conception. Out of soooo many website (and not all are based on chinese astrology), all returning the same result: I’m having a boy!

So let’s see… am I in the 99% group, or in the 1% group?

Week 15

Week 15

As the gynae was scanning, she looked closely at the bottom area, and though I can’t seem to differentiate whether there is or there is not something between the thigh, she said “Ah… I think I know what’s your baby gender… There doesn’t seem to be anything there, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a GIRL“.  Wah I was so happy to hear it. I sure hope she’s correct! We’ll just see more clearly on the 20th week detailed scan next month! 🙂

Conclusion: I hope I’m in the 1% group.